A Record Player with Speakers – The Crosley Cruiser review

crosley4multicolThis iconic Vinyl Turntable was a picture of sophistication in the 60’s and 70’s in every audiophiles home. Crosley has a rich history dating back to 1920’s with the Harko Radio, costing just $7

Today still going strong Crosley has kept the design from the 60s classics that I remember so fondly from my early years

The Cruiser and its additional vintage record player stand couldn’t be easier to operate. At first glance you notice this is a record player with speakers at the front of an eye catching, highly colored suitcase style case, which comes in an assortment of available such as orange, blue, red, turquoise, pink and Black.

Opening up the Crosley suitcase record player

The clasp, as you release it to open the lid feels of good quality, this is a first impression of the feel of the turntable. Once open you discover a wooded build, strangely co-existing with some kind of leather material, which is somewhat pleasing to the eye, this a of a dark color so seamlessly merges with the platter.

One thing you must take in to consideration when buying a record player is the entire weight of the unit, as this will put a heavy load on the records over time and this coupled with the cruisers ceramic cartridge type which in turn needs to produce a relatively large tracking force which could both deteriorate your prized vinyl collection…. Remember, no more than 2 – 3 grams of pressure from your stylus should be applied to the record, any #more and the will make your vinyl sound like your listing to it under water. Keep it light and keep your records crisp and clean.

What? No USB Socket

I’m afraid not. What you do get though is around the rear there’s a slot for 6 AA Batteries, which truly makes this portable. A RCA phono line out and a 3.5mm jack for your Ipod (other generic brands are available).

Open you open it up again, your greeted with a larger than normal volume control and power button in one. It feels nice to the touch and has resistance to it, which makes controlling the volume easier. Next to this is the 3.5mm Headphone jack (as it should be….Take note Apple and your new Iphone 7 with stupid headphone jack.

This vintage record player comes at a cost and it’s not the price tag

crosleygreenTo pick one of these beautiful turntables up, only $99 of your hard earned money is needed. For that kind of investment, don’t expect to be wowed by the sound on this. It could be seen as more of an ornament that a fully functioning Crosley Cruiser Record player.

The sound quality is probably the best those little speakers can push out to yours ears through the tiny 3 watt amp. I wouldn’t say this record players sound is tinny but It’s a little high pitched on voices and lacks more of the base notes. It’s a little muffled in certain ranges as well

Should you buy a Crosley Cruiser Record player

Well, that’s for you to decide. I had already decided I wanted on before I had even listened to the sound. So, If you’re looking to sit back at home and listen to your favorite Frank Sinartra Record and want to enjoy it sounding crisp and clean, then you really should move on from records and get a decent amp and speakers and use a HD streaming service.

But that’s not what the Crosley is about, it looks great and it’s a real style icon harking back to the days of your dads (or Grandads) Beetles or Stones 45’s. For this reason and this reason alone I have one proudly on display (like an antique piece) in my home.  I remember these well….Happy Days


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